Yankee Reining Horse association

Please Note: For 2022 year-end awards will only be given if we are able to hold 2 or more shows. We appreciate your support to keep our membership strong and help our club support events.

" Attention exhibitors: Please note points are updated but are not yet verified per NRHA. This could cause changes once results are back from NRHA. 
Year End Point Qualifiers
**Both rider and horse owner must be current YRHA members
**Points are based on single horse & rider combinations
**To qualify you must show atleast HALF the time the class is offered. (For example: If the Youth 14-18 is offered 8 times throughout the YRHA schedule you must show 4 times. If the Open class is offered 4 times you must show twice.)

Affiliate information

‚ÄčThese are the current Affiliate Member Roster for YRHA.

If your name says "TRUE" you have designated Yankee as your Affiliate. 

Those that say "NONE", have never completed a designation and need to do so if they want to ride for YRHA this October in Syracuse!

If there is a different Affiliate listed by your name you can only show for that Affiliate.

PLEASE CHECK YOUR NAME. Click the link to the Affiliate Designation form if your name says NONE and submit the form for YRHA.